PC Repairs

Computer Repairs

If you find that your PC is freezing, crashing, or just plain not booting; then give us a call and we can send an engineer to collect the computer for the same day in most cases. Around 60-70% of the time, this is down to software problems (registry corruption) such as: virus infection, badly installed software - including bad downloads, drivers not being removed after removal of hardware etc. The remaining 30-40% of the time is of course down to PC hardware problems such as: failing hard drive, failing motherboard, failing graphics card etc.

Whatever the problem, I can get a pretty good idea - from asking the caller certain questions - what the potential cause is, and provide a price-guide from the given information. This may or maynot include the added cost of parts depending on the deduction made, and the caller can then make up their own mind whether they want to consider the repair from that point. If repair is not considered the way forward, then I can still offer a data recovery service for any files that are valuable - remaining on the PC, and also a setup service for when a new computer is bought.