PC Network Repair

Business PC Network Repair

If you are running a small PC computer network, the failing of the system can be down to the connective software or hardware rather than the computers themselves. We can trace through which of these it is and isolate the problem to determine the fix quickly and accurately.

For small businesses, it is often most cost effective to call-in an engineer for the occasional network or PC failure. The first major objective, is to establish whether the problem is on the network itself, or if it is isolated to a particular troublesome PC. Because a lot of our work is on stand-alone computers, we can pretty quicly distinguish between PC and network problems, and focus on whichever of the two is causing the problem.

We have experience in configuring and installing many of the top small-business applications including: Sage and NetSuite. I have also worked on networking all the most popular operating systems including: XP, XP Pro, Vista and Windows 7.