Custom Build PC

Custom Built Computers

Tailored PCs can actually save you money over off-the-peg computers because, for example; if you wanted to buy a computer that had such a high-end graphics card that ran into hundreds of pounds, you almost always have to pay a proportionate overall cost for the PC itself. This can mean shelling out thousands to get a level of card built in as standard. A few larger brand PC manufacturers/retailers offer option packages, but they are somewhat limited in variation.

For the true specialists, we can build a PC to their own requirements, saving on the parts that are not relevant to the computers overall purpose and beefing-up the components that matter. One of our own team is into music production and has built himself a specialist computer focusing on overall and soundcard horsepower, but easing off on the graphics a little, so saving on the less necessary stuff.

When it comes to this kind of build, we will work with you the customer, as a team, to achieve the objective. Once it is agreed on the configuration, we can give you a cost for parts plus labour and take it from there.