PC Tuition

PC Home Tuition

There are many college short-courses out there, covering different aspects of basic computer training. We have spoken to many of our customers who have tried these with mixed reviews that generally fall on the side of the negative.

Many people have complained about things such as: learning irrelevant topics such as spreadsheets, not having any personal teacher time when they get stuck and not covering the things that really matter on a day-to-day basis.

We can provide a personal home tuition service where we will teach you a concise program of topics covering the core everyday needs of the PC user. You ask as many questions as you want, whenever you want, so that you learn quickly and retain the information.

We charge £20 per hour for our PC tuition, which may at first seem a bit pricey compared to a college short-course, but because the tuition is personal and focused only on what you need to learn, we can cover the essentials very quickly. Most relevant stuff that would take a college weeks or months to cover - if at all - we could clean up in 2-3 hours, no problem at all.

Here is a list of the essentials we will cover as priority:

  • Data backup
  • Security issues
  • Internet usage
  • General maintenance
  • Everyday PC tasks