Computer Buying Guide

PC Buying Guide

Once it has been established what you are going to be using your PC for, then a general specification can be identified. For example; if you are only going to use your computer for the Internet, Word Processing, viewing photos and suchlike, then a basic model is all that is required.

We have found that for the lower-to-middle range computers, you will be hard pushed to get a better quality computer than a Dell. The reasons for this is that virtually all their component parts are actually tailored to the whole system and manufactured by Dell themselves, thus producing an overall 'tighter', more reliable PC with greater performance and value for money to boot.

If you are looking for very high performing, top-end computers - 'off the peg', then Apple are king. Like Dell, their components are tailored to the computer as a whole and unlike Dell, even their operating system is their own, producing a seamless system, making the Mac a super-fast, super-powerfull and hugely reliable computer with graphics that are totally unequaled by any other manufacturer. All the top media-based organisations use Macs, which says it all really. The other important thing to note about Apple computers, is that they are without question, the most virus-proof computers out there. This is down to the software being written in a totally different base language than PCs, without going into too much detail.